Being a professional Garment Buying House we are providing Garment Sourcing, Quality Control and Inspection Services for established Buyers all over the world.

We realize how important it is for the business to get right product and right on time. We work for our Buyers considering all the factors so that ultimate objective is fulfilled. Maas Fashions are dedicated and passionate towards implementing right sourcing strategies and adapting with technological change & advancements. We are continuously working with the local Manufacturers to meet Global trend of Total Cycle Time.


  • Sourcing Factories in Bangladesh
  • Price Negotiation
  • Quality Management
  • Planning and MOQ Management
  • Payment Terms Negotiation
  • Manage CSR

Supplier Management

Maas Fashions work with manufacturers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the full processes to create time-to-time
solutions so that each process activity runs smoother.


  • Synchronize Manufacturer to meet BUYERS expectations through comprehensive induction
    (which includes standards regarding quality, packaging and others.)
  • Observe Manufacturer Performance to ensure agreed performance criteria are met and appropriate
    corrective actions are implemented where required
  • Reporting to Buyer on Manufacturers progress
  • Shipment on Time
  • Quality of Shipped Merchandise
  • Manage Packaging as per Buyer
  • Paperwork as per standards

Support Buying Team

We provide support to our buyers as required in case of visiting Factory and other relevance.


  • Planning and budgeting trips
  • Arrangements for Buyers Trips
  • Manage Manufacturers and Production Teams so that buying trip objectives are fulfilled

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